My offer for you:

In a Body-Mind-Spirit Coaching I work holistically with you.

I understand that we have planned our incarnation, that we have prepared certain events in our live on a soul level so that the soul can make its experiences in this incarnation. During our incarnation here on earth, we may lose sight of the goal of the soul, and it will produce discord in our lives.

This can be expressed differently. Maybe you feel that certain things in your life are repeating, that you have no energy left, that the aura is crammed, the chakras are blocked or it is not even tangible, or you feel worthless, unloved and vulnerable. Maybe you also have physical symptoms that have no real cause (such as pain, tension, …)

With the help of Body-Mind-Spirit Coaching and the techniques available to me, I can grasp where to start to give you a happy, self-determined and responsible life.

In our sessions, I give you new strategies that help you to change and create your life so that you feel comfortable in it.

Look around on my blog, there I have already described many approaches on these issues.

What you can expect from me:


  •   I pick you up from where you are right now and work out your goals together with you
  •   I help you in determine the causes of your problems
  •   empathetically and purposefully I help you to find your way
  •   I look every time what you need and work intuitively and spiritually with you
  •   Basic requirement is that you are open to spiritual development
  •   Sensitive and gentle, we approach your problems and their causes
  •   In our first meeting, we determine which package is right for you.

Whats next for you?

You have the choice between 3 packages. In an introductory talk we look exactly which package is the right one for you.

Package 1 – Basic

You already know the causes of your unfortunate being and need short-term support to eliminate these causes

I offer you:

  • Short-term, deep spiritual support to dissolve or as an introduction to my company
  • 4 x 60 minutes 1: 1
  • 30 minutes follow-up after 3-4 weeks
  • Recording of our sessions

Our common goal is that the problem is solved, the cause has been identified, and you know how to handle it in the future

Package 2 – Classic

Your self-esteem is cracked and self-love is a foreign word

You receive from me:

  • We do root cause research on how low self-esteem came about and why self-love is a red cloth for you
  • Stabilization of self-esteem and self-love.
  • Exploration of your soul path
  • I associate myself with your soul. So we find your blocks and your life together. With the help of this information you can now shape your future.
  • 8 x 60 minutes 1: 1
  • 30 minutes follow-up after 3-4 weeks
  • Recording of our sessions
  • Support by the Facebook group

Our common goal is that you have learned how you and why you can love and appreciate yourself. You know the causes so that you can get back into your power faster in the future

Package 3 – Future

You do not know what to do anymore and you are looking for a long-term companion to be happy and to be in your power. Build your self-love and your self-worth and internalize.

You receive from me:

  • We go together on the journey to find the causes that make you despair.
  • You learn to value yourself and to give your self-love due space.
  • I give you everyday techniques on hand so that you can find problems in everyday life back to your self-love and self-esteem to strengthen yourself
  • Deep entry into your soul path.
  • You will learn to connect with your soul, so that you will receive an answer from her directly on future questions to your soul.
  • With the help of this connection we find the causes of your blockages as well as your soul path. Together with your soul into a strong future.
  • 12 x 60 minutes 1: 1
  • 60 minutes follow-up after 3-4 weeks
  • Recording of our sessions
  • Support by the Facebook group
  • E-mail flat rate support

Our common goal is that through the ability to connect with your soul you will find strength and strength to master your everyday life. Your self-love and your self-confidence have grown and anchored.

I’m looking forward to our introductory talk.

All the best

Kerstin Ajasha