My Career

My progressive development

The spiritual world led me step by step towards the point of what I can offer today. I have overcome many obstacles and took a lot of detours, and after endless doubts I finally experienced the real nature of my soul, furthermore I am now able to help others with finding the way to their souls.

On this journey I am accompanied by a lot of loving people: First and foremost my husband and our children, friends and lovely teachers as well as my ancestors, angels and masters of the spiritual world with which I stay in constant contact. I want to thank them all very much.

I also look forward to learn much, much more.

Gladly I work for you holistically and with specially chosen technics I will accompany you on your very own journey. Together we will bring the changes to pass, you are dreaming about.

  • Medial education, Anrana-Lotus, LMPT, aura reading, life journey interweaving, multidimensional blueprint, healing white light, and much more at Blandina Gellrich
  • Several seminars, e.g. crystal aura, freeing of foreign energies, body-soul healing, Trauma-Frequenz-Healing, Master academy at Margit Kronenberghs
  • Several seminars at Jeanette Stößer
  • Light language (I. and II.) as well as advanced principals of light language II. at Anneliese Flachsmeier
  • Light Language III at Brook Still
  • Advanced Prism, Empowered Angel Healing and All-can-heal Method at Zabe Barnes
  • Quantum cure, soul-view, and incantations at shaman Alonka
  • Lemurian crystal skull education (phase 1 and 2) as well as qualification as a dragon guardian at Birgit Hable “Freiräume Hable”
  • Ambassador of the Solaris-energy, Elise-Mila-Energy and five Columbian lights at Gabi Fenner
  • Ilahinoor at Kornelia Schrepfer
  • Reiki at Jasmin Weise
  • and of course a lot of downloads and support from my Crystal Skull family

Thanks are to all of you for marvelous hours and the transmission of your knowledge.