Welcome to Ajasha

I am very pleased that you have found this site.

How often have we asked ourselves the question, whether the life we lead is the

one we actually would like to live?

Actually very often, right?

Life means to enjoy all of its facets to the fullest:


*        Love

*        Laughter

*        Happiness

*        Joy

*        Pleasure

But do we really live? Or do we only function?

Do we see the meaning of life only in satisfying others, in mastering

day by day chores, or by maintaining social networks only to avoid loneliness?

Let’s think outside the box:

There is something else!

Something which brings joy! Which gives us love and can be loved in return;

I am talking about unconditional love, the kind of love we have for our children. Once we truly,

unconditionally love, we live. If we are forced to love – even by ourselves – we only function.

The meaning of your life is to love. Love yourself!

Only if you love yourself, are you able to spread the gift of love.

Once you love your soul, you can give love.

Have a look around and discover my homepage. You already have the potential to love – your soul and yourself.


Warm regards

Kerstin Ajasha Overath


I am working holistically with you during a Body-Mind-Spirit-Coaching.

I understand that we planned our incarnation, that we are drawing certain events into our live (on a soul level) so that they appear at the right moment.

The right moment is when you struggle on your path, you loose the goal, the destination from your soul.

This can happen in different ways. Maybe you have the feeling that similar events repeatedly appear, your energy is gone, your aura is stuffed, your chakras blocked or it isn’t even to name at all.

With the help of multiple different tools I can grasp where we could start to change your life into a happy, self-determined and responsible life!

This includes that you work with me. It means, that you are being aware of the changes, that you give your subconscious new impulses so that your life is changing into a way that you love it and feel comfortable. I show you different tools, so you could work on yourself as well.

If you have any questions feel free to send me an email: Kerstin@ajasha.de. Book a Mini-Body-Mind-Spirit-Coaching for free (15 minutes) through my Facebook page or send me an email. The Mini Coaching will be very powerful and you will feel it.

I am looking forward to seeing you!

All the love

Body-Mind-Spirit Tools

Due to my many years of experience, I assist you with body-mind-spirit coaching with various tools to help you solve your issues.

Topics that you would bring:

Body like cancer, back pain, muscle pain, depression, depletion and more

Mind like Depression, Burnout, blockages regarding your relationsship with others or yourself and more

Spirit like your connection to the spirits, your guides, your life path, your soul connection and more.

Ajasha – That’s me

Born 1964 in Hamburg (Germany), a happily married mother of 4 children (3 boys + 1 girl – all grown up and living their own life), a little bit impatient in general and constantly looking for simple solutions.
After my education to become an insurance broker, I was the bookkeeper at a pre-school and worked in direct marketing for 11 years. During this time I not only learned a lot, I started questioning many things as well.

Par example:

Am I content with the life I am living – or is there something missing? Anything I cannot grasp but would give me something – something which would provide me with the necessities to feel joy and have fun.

At that point I started my journey. I re-discovered my psychic powers in August 2011 and began to train myself in the energetic work of the future – through self-awareness and self-discovery. During this process I learned a lot as well as struggled many times, plus I went into resonance with multiple things – I still am. But now – with happiness and joy.

I discovered a great deal of my abilities, some of which I did not know about, others I would have called “impossible”.

As a Medial Shaman I am extremely pleased to show you the way to yourself, give you support with healing yourself and guide your way finding your soul with small “suitable-for-daily-use” aids.

Discover YOUR soul – it’s your friend and your caring companion.

Browse through my website, and if you have any questions feel free to contact me. I gladly assist you.

My Body-Mind-Spirit Support for you

Body Tool for the physical symptoms
  • 30 minute Coaching
  • 49 Light Language Grid
  • Divine Intervention treatment
  • Follow up 30 minutes
  • E-Mail support between sessions
Mind Tool for the mental topics
  • 60 Minute Coaching
  • 2x Follow up Coaching ea 30 minutes
  • E-Mail support between sessions
spirit tool for the spiritual topics
  • 30 minute Coaching
  • Meditations an/or treatments for your support
  • 2x Follow up Coaching ea 30 minutes
  • E-Mail support between sessions

We are looking for your best tool during a free consultation. It’ll be around 15 minutes via Zoom (you’ll receive the link shortly before our meeting)